This Course Provides, Level One Anjali Certification and 25 CEU

  • What would happen if–for one moment–you were able to regard your breath, body, and mind as complete, essential and enough?
  • You would be the embodiment of potential, ease, and grace.
  • You would be in the unique position of simultaneous deep surrender and full participation with the universe.
  • What if–you could teach this to others?


Anjali Restorative Yoga is a highly regarded, deep, and nurturing style of yoga. Through this thoughtful practice of intentional rest, the body is supported by bolsters, pillows, and blankets. The mind and breath are guided through gentle images and practices. The effect is profoundly restful and serene.

The physiological effects of the practice are remarkable: increased lung capacity, improved circulation, spinal flexibility, and significant reduction in various stress related and chronic fatigue symptoms. By providing the body with the freedom to intentionally rest, one is able to tap into one’s own innate healing wisdom. On so many levels, one learns the practice of resting into wellness.

By exploring these practices from a teacher’s perspective, you hone your teaching service skills verbally, creatively, and inspirationally. The focus of the training is not simply to memorize a set sequence of asanas, but rather to deepen your personal knowledge of the subtle sensations that arise in your own practice and direct the challenges into actions and poetic vocabulary that can inspire ease in another.

Anjali Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Cultivating the benefits of Anjali Restorative Yoga in oneself is genuine beauty; cultivating the benefits in others is a heartfelt service path. One of the most challenging aspects for all teachers is getting what is inside the heart, out of the mouth and into a classroom full of students.

Further a challenge to be met is finding time in the contemporary practitioner’s life for a regular Anjali Restorative practice. Often times, the modern student is easily swayed into more demanding styles to fill the “workout” need in a busy schedule. How to we turn our students on to the benefits of restorative yoga while simultaneously meeting their movement desires.

This course will be transformative and unique, as you will learn the sound Primary Sequence of the Anjali Restorative Practice, The Supported Spinal Sequence and with a few additional postures to interweave appropriately into that sequence or these restorative postures into any asana class to serve a more down tempo offering:

  • Embody and Learn to Teach the Supported Spinal Sequence
  • Explore the physics of rest, as well as the physical and therapeutic aspects and alignment for the spine, shoulders, and pelvis.
  • Surround yourself in positive change, loving stories, powerful inspirations, visualizations and meditations and the skill set to create these supportive aspects for your own classes.
  • Dive into the deep currents of your own history and story, to increase confidence in expression and service to aim and evolve an intentional teaching practice.
  • Develop your classroom presence, observation, and verbal skills from a sound and tested Restorative set of techniques and methodology From that place in the story, from the seat of expanded knowledge, we begin to teach what is in our hearts to the world around us.

25 CEU, Level One Anjali Certification Granted at the End of the Training.


Meeting Times:

November 25th, Tuesday: 1:30 – 5pm (3.5 hours)
Novemeber 26th, Wednesday: 11:30 – 5pm (5.5 hours)
Novemeber 29th, Saturday: 11:30 – 4pm (4.5 hours)
November 30th, Sunday: 11:30 -3pm (3.5 hours)


$495 Early Bird (by Nov 15th)
$575 Late Bird