Maureen Gildersleeve E-RYT 500

 Maureen is the founder of Mangala Yoga. She has two incredible children Malia and Aidan. Currently they live in a cute little ski town in Colorado called Telluride. They travel back and forth between Hawaii and Colorado several times a year. Maureen began practicing Iyengar yoga in 1997, in a funky ass library in Gaithersburg, Md. where she was raised. Through her many travels she has studied and practice different styles such as, Power vinyasa,Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, and Restorative Yoga. She received her 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training in vinyasa flow with the lovely Janet Stone in San Francisco, Ca. She has also studied tantric philosophy with Christopher Wallis aka “Hareesh”. Maureen’s background in massage, anatomy and kinesiology has helped her developed several teacher training programs such as the 100hr Bali yoga teacher training, the 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training and 300hr. Advanced Studies Program. Her passionate teaching style, is infused with humor and consists of well-balanced, intelligent sequences practiced to upbeat music. Her students have shared that they leave her classes feeling more connected to a strong, capable and grounded self.

Anita Johnson

 Anita grew up in Minneapolis, MN but slowly found herself moving further and further west, until…splash, she landed in Maui. Her yogic journey began during a major life transition. She started to discover the benefits of yoga and the world of “trade work” at Maureen’s previous yoga studio in Northern California. She continued to deepen her practice and expand her knowledge of yoga, breath, mindfulness and the art of letting go as she moved up and down the west coast. Yoga became an essential tool for her to carry.

Anita believes yoga is not just physical movement, but a way of life. It is something to fully embody with our mind, body and spirit in each moment. This is her biggest joy and challenge. Anita completed her teacher trainings at the Mount Madonna Center and Mangala Yoga. She is excited to be on this journey with you!

Annmarie Torrez

 From early childhood Annmarie has always had a strong spiritual upbringing. In 2008, she landed a full time position at the front desk of “The Chula Vista Yoga Center” in her hometown of Southern California. By 2009 she started a weekly kid’s class and earned her 200hr Teacher Training Certification under her teachers Kristyan Stjerne and Jano Galindo. Respectfully referred to as her Gurus as they are trained in several traditional styles from various teachers such as Sri Dharma Mittra, Tim Miller, and Bikram Choudry just to name a few.

Annmarie serves quite a mixed plate of devotion through being the next generation in the yogic lineage. Growing toward her 500 hours, now she’s able to hold the light strong, steady, and with Love by utilizing the tools from extensive trainings in San Francisco, Bali, Costa Rica, and now here rooted on Maui.

As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, she feels as though the practice of yoga is a universal way of saluting that process and the sacred essence of all life.
“I am truly stoked to be here. Join me on this journey that leads us to the connectivity of our divine creation. The light and Love within me, honors the light and Love within all of you.” ~Annmarie


Clover came to yoga from a dance background and immediately knew she had found a higher calling. The depth of body awareness and the freedom experienced at the intersection of breath and movement so profoundly affect her that she wanted to share this experience through teaching. “My goal is to inspire healing, growth and self-empowerment by holding a safe space for explorative movement in an environment free of judgement, attachment and expectation.

Teaching, for me, feels like channeling from a high source and I feel I am most effective when I step aside and allow source to work its magic – I am eternally grateful for this experience and it continues to humble and teach me on and off my yoga mat.”Clover has taught at a variety of studios around the world including Minneapolis, Costa Rica and Hawaii. She has catered to all ages, levels, classes sizes as well as students with English as a second language.

She received her first 200hr yoga teacher training in 2007 at Corepower Yoga specializing in Vinyasa. Her second training was in 2009 this time specializing in the Hot Yoga Sequence. Since then she has studied yin, restorative, advanced and aerial yoga and attended many workshops and retreats. Clover pulls from all these different styles as well as her dance background to create a unique challenging class.


Cher believes Yoga is a life support system and she teaches to this mantra. The practice of Yoga has given her tools to overcome injuries and discomfort in the body and she is devoted to sharing these tools with others.  She believes that what we practice on the mat, leads to discovery of greater health, happiness, and JOY… from inside. Cher’s classes are about breath, connection and Love. She has completed over 800 hours of yoga teacher trainings in a variety of styles and has been teaching regularly for 4 years. Most recently she completed a 500-hour teacher training with Eddie Modestini and Nikki Doane of Maui, which took her practice into a deeper understanding of tradition and therapeutic applications of  yoga. Cher’s love for dance brings a fun heart-centered approach to vinyasa flow, sincerely and joyfully “cheering” from her own experiences! “Yoga continually reminds me of the Blissful state that exists inside of us all…”

Christine Shaw

Christine brings 30+ years of practice to the mat and to your classes. Rooted in traditional Integral yoga, she has studied Iyengar, Vini, Yin, Ashtanga, Aikido, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, dance and other modalities. You will experience breathing, and over all body toning and strengthening, with an emphasis on kindly stretching and healing tired, injured, and overworked muscles and joints. Her classes are infused with these various modalities to address specific needs and to add variety. The overall experience is gentle and relaxing and at the same time toning and strengthening. Her approach ranges from introductory to intermediate. Those of you who are new to yoga, intermediate, or boomers who used to do yoga and want to return, have injuries causing stiffness and reduced flexibility, fear not. This teacher will address your needs. The class starts with breathing and centering, moving into warm ups and flowing salutations. From there we move into standing and balancing, then floor work with forward bends, back strengthening, twists, some optional poses, and guided deep relaxation.


Abigail Perrin 

Abigail has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for 15 years. She finds enormous beauty in sharing an effective practice.

Abigail has been teaching for over 10 years and works to create a gentle yet dynamic practice for her students. Over the years, she has had the honor to study with renowned teachers including but not limited to; Chuck Miller, Manouso Manos, Patricia Walden, Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Richard Freeman, Anna Forrest, Sharon Gannon, Dharma Mitra, Tim Miller and Kofi Busia.


Naima Audant

 Naïma’s yoga journey started at a very young age from quietly imitating her parents during their asana practices. Growing up, she always thought of herself as a Yogi even though she had never taken any formal classes. Her spirit was filled with the essence of all the different spiritual teachings alive in her home. During her college years, she gradually began to explore various styles of yoga from Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga and Kundalini. As her practice eventually grew deeper and stronger, it became clear to her that she was to start sharing the “Yoga Bliss” with others.Today Naima has completed two 200hr yoga teacher trainings; most recently at Mangala Yoga. She is also a licensed massage therapist and an Energetic Healing Practitioner. For several years she has been studying about health, wellness and various forms of healing modalities such as Aromatherapy, Herbal medicine, Crystal and Energetic Healing, Color Therapy, Shamanism, Shiatsu, Sound Healing, and much more. With her passion in holistic health, she is constantly studying and exploring the physical and energetic dynamic of life. Naïma is committed to live a life of harmony with the laws of nature and the cosmos. Through meditation, pranayama, yoga and other form of sacred practices, she daily cultivates her connection with the Divine. As she loves to say “Living in ‘CosmicAlignment’! With the aspiration to work for the greatest good of all beings, she is devoted to be of service and to assist others in developing a deeper union with their own divinity.

Tara Michelle

 A lover of our beautiful planet, the plants, animals, and people Dr. Tara Michelle ND, is a Natural Physician and Wellness Empowerment Educator. Her personal practice Nanihoku Naturals is based on the exquisite Island of Maui, Hawai’i. With a plethora of tools in her kit including Lomi Lomi, Evolutionary Iridology, Living Foods and herbal medicine Tara uses a Mandalic approach to working with her clients which allows her to honor the diverse needs of each being as a unique expression of the divine. Inspired by her connection to the natural world, Tara is dedicated to bringing more peace to the planet through research, education, and empowerment.

A graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder Colorado, Tara is eternally grateful to her ‘charm’ and mentor: world renowned naturopath and Iridologist Dr. Farida Sharan. Blessed to apprentice and teach with Hatha yoga teachers: Amy Ippoliti, Shannon Paige, Jeanie Manchester, and Dr. Cindy Lusk. a student of Hatha Yoga since 1998 and is deeply grateful to her fabulous teachers and students. Tara is a 500 certified Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She is also certified in aerialYoga and SUP Yoga. Tara teaches local public classes, retreats, teacher trainings, and ‘playshops’. A personal student of meditation master and marathoner, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Tara is grateful for his wisdom and generous friendship. A licensed Lomi Lomi practitioner, Tara graduated from Hale Ho’omana Maui under the apprenticeship of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

A student of life, her interests include yoga, alpine mountaineering, trail running, ocean sports, equestrians, hoop dancing, reading, writing, and meditation, and world peace. Most recently Tara has begun delving into the exquisite movement form known as ‘hoop dancing’ and is grateful to her mentor Shakti Sunfire for her inspiration and playful leadership in this art form.

As a steward of the earth, plants, and animals, Tara donates a portion of all of the abundance that comes into her sphere, back to the ‘greater good’. 

Sadie Frias

Born and raised Maui girl, Sadie Frias has always loved adventure and exploration. When she found yoga she set out on her biggest journey yet. Unaware of what the Universe had in store for her she began to explore the deepest corners of herself, looking for answers through meditation and eastern philosophies. Along her journey she wandered into Mangala Yoga Studio looking to deepen her awareness in new ways and was inspired by the devotion and enthusiastic energy of the studio and all its teachers. The motivation she found on the mat carried out into her everyday life. In an attempt to dive deeper into her practice and embrace all that is yoga she began the 200-hour YTT! Upon completion she began to feel the calling to teach and share her practice. She says “Yoga isn’t just physical movement, it’s a lifestyle. We challenge ourselves to grow in our practice, and through it.” Aspiring to inspire she is devoted to assisting in bringing others to a healthy state of mind. One characterized by self-control, moderation and a deep awareness of ones True Self, thus resulting in true happiness.

Sadie is now in the process of Mangala’s 300-hour YTT to bring more experience and knowledge into her own practice and teaching. Sadie teaches a fast paced Vinyasa Flow, focusing on mindful movement, breath awareness and the full embodiment of each pose. She creates a breath, movement meditation. Each class has a focus to challenge your balance, increase flexibility and strength in specific areas of the body, while giving you a full body workout. Practice with Sadie and experience the bliss she shares through yoga with her fun, balanced flow and upbeat music!

Michele Ford

Michele is an international Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Natural Foods Chef and Food/Lifestyle Coach currently living on the north shore of Maui. Michele began her spiritual journey upon retiring from high-level competitive gymnastics over a decade ago. In this transition she lost direction, purpose and inspiration which catapulted her onto a spiritual path of Self-discovery. Through the practices of meditation and yoga she finds a sanctuary of peace amidst the chaos and continuously gains insight into the meaning of life on and off the mat.

Michele values deep self-listening as a way to refine awareness and reshape habitual patterns in order to experience the full spectrum of a life well nourished. She is a diverse teacher, skillful in distilling the time-honored teachings of yoga, movement and Ayurveda in a way that is accessible and relevant to modern living. Michele’s classes are designed to encourage artful balance through creative sequencing, strength diversity and deep stretching. You will leave feeling clear and spacious, deeply nourished, and inspired. She is grateful for the teachings of Sharon Gannon and David Life, as well as, Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Geonka. Michele is a 500-hour Experienced Yoga Teacher. Check out

Tani Toprakci

Tani truly fell in love with yoga when she started to understand and notice the positive effects of yoga that transferred off the mat and into her daily life. It is her ultimate wish to help guide others to experience this great gift and cultivate santosha (contentment) in their lives. She loves that yoga makes the impossible possible, that the body and mind can heal themselves, the empowerment that comes with the tangible changes in the body and mind, and how good it feels to just breathe consciously. Tani started her yoga journey in 2007 in Los Angeles’ mecca for yoga studios, Santa Monica, California, where in her foundation she was exposed to many of the leading figureheads in the yoga world. Since then she has been practicing and workshopping across the globe, with some of her favorite places to practice being Bali, Indonesia, Lugano, Switzerland, Angkor Wat, Cambodia, and, of course, Maui, Hawaii.

Stacie Elizabeth

Stacie’s journey began in 2001 while working with a holistic dentist. He introduced her to whole body wellness and holistic medicine. She quickly became passionate about nutrition, alternative living and nourishing the body from the inside out. She took her first yoga class from a patient and was hooked, it instantly changed her life. Yoga felt more than just an exercise, it became a lifestyle for Stacie.

She went on to received over 1000 hrs in massage therapy training. After several years of trying different styles of yoga and attending yoga retreats her love for wanting to learn more grew stronger.Stacie knew the study of yoga was a must. The day She walked into Mangala yoga Stacie knew this place was special, It felt like home and She immediately signed up for the next 200-hr. teacher training program.

In continuing her yoga and massage practice She’s notice the increased healing capacity that happens through yoga and massage therapy combined. Stacie loves to give assists in her class which helps the students get into a more blissful state of being.

Stacie’s direct connection to her spirit and taking care of her whole-self enables her to take care of others in her life and this abundant and beautiful planet.


Jade has always had a strong intuition and a curiosity for a deeper fulfillment of life. Yoga was first introduced to Jade in 2006 but it wasn’t until stepping foot into Mangala Yoga that she finally felt at home on her mat.

After achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Jade adventured to SE Asia where she had a beautiful awakening once introduced to Buddhism. Soon after, she was inspired to move to Maui to reunite with her ohana and embrace a more island-paced lifestyle.

Completing Mangala Yoga’s 200 hr YTT had a profoundly transformative affect on Jade in all areas of her life, particularly igniting her to discover her voice through chanting. Jade has also completed a SUP Yoga teacher training and is in the process of achieving Mangala Yoga’s 300 hr YTT. Having been born and raised in the islands, Jade has a deep respect and love for Hawaii and the ocean. Practicing both the ancient principles and asana of yoga provides Jade with a way of channeling her spiritual connection and sharing it with her community.

What Jade especially loves about yoga asana is the group synergy that is created by practicing as a united community, joining each other in breath and body to inspire one another to be present. Gathering inspiration from her teachers Maureen Gildersleeve and Jessica Fertig, Jade incorporates their knowledge she uses to ignite her own practice to empower her students to find a deeper meaning to yoga as her teachers have granted her.

Jade’s classes are an intelligently weaved array of Sanskrit chanting, pranayama breath work, strength building sequencing, uplifting music, and longer holds of ancient yoga asana to challenge students to breathe through any resistance and access their highest potential.


Lexi first became attracted to yoga for the mental benefits and it is still what brings her to her mat in the morning. She experiences an incredible calming of the mind that helps her feel more clear, relaxed, in the moment and helps her open her heart more to others. Such is the gift of yoga! Yoga helps all the worries that cloud our mind fall away so we can wake up to the beauty of life and see clearly. It helps bring us closer to our true and highest selves. She has come to see the tremendous gift yoga brings us and it is her true life passion to share this gift with others, helping to elevate their mental, physical and spiritual health.

Lexi is a longtime yoga practitioner and is trained in the styles of Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga and Integral Yoga. Her classes will be an inspired sequence of movements and breath to open energetic pathways and calm the mind while increasing strength, flexibility and balance. She is passionate about proper alignment and the use of the body in safe and healthy ways. Students will leave the class feeling calm and happy, their body healthy and mind lifted. All are welcome!


Born and raised In Florida, Erin’s childhood was full of adventures in nature—camping, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. With her adventurous spirit, she has traveled to many places such as Puerto Rico, Guatamala and Hawaii surfing and studying yoga. She fell in love with heated, power vinyasa classes in a Baron Baptiste yoga studio and soon after participated in the 200hr yoga teacher training at Mangala Yoga Studio. As a trained massage therapist and passionate yogini, she loves to teach well-balanced sequences to upbeat music in both heated and non-heated classes.